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Circular Economy Grow Kit
Circular Economy Grow Kit
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Circular Economy Grow Kit

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Looking for a fun and educational experience for your workplace? With the Circular Economy Grow Kit, employees can grow microgreens at their desks, while engaging with important ideas around sustainability, regenerative agriculture and the circular economy. 

These kits are great for promoting wellbeing in your workplace. Experiencing nature and the practice of growing food have proven benefits for mental health, while the fresh and nutritious microgreens produced help to contribute to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In addition, food security and environmental sustainability are significant concerns for many people, and learning how to directly act upon solving these pressing issues is great for building capacity and confidence to confront the climate crisis. This is why kits include access to Ecosystem by Farmwall, our online community garden platform. Watch video lessons showing you how to use your kit, get extra information on the microgreens and seeds included, and delve deeply into the ways a circular and regenerative economy can help people and planet! Make friends and meet people that are on the same journey to become more self-sufficient, and help your team build stronger connections within and outside of the workplace!

Kit includes:

  • 2 terracotta pots
  • 4 terracotta dishes
  • 2 hemp cubes
  • 2 jars of seeds 
  • Coffee-soil growing medium
  • Indoor Plant Food
  • Measuring cup

With a minimum 25 kit order, you will also receive two webinars with Farmwall's urban farming and sustainability professionals. The first will explore the concept of circular economy, while also covering how to use the kit to grow microgreens. The second webinar will consist of talking participants through their first harvest, followed by a chat about wellbeing over a lunch using the freshly harvested microgreens.

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