Cities That Feed Our Planet

About us

Cities That Feed Our Planet 

At Farmwall we exist to create a healthy, educated, and connected community of Australians. 

We design sustainable products, technologies and experiences that spark meaningful interactions with our food and which also benefit the environment. By turning the experience of growing food into a rewarding experience we increase physical and mental wellbeing, while still keeping things simple, natural and fun! 

Farmwall provides a creative and interactive learning environment to increase understanding about healthy food and growing. Our community platform Ecosytem by Farmwall  takes our customers on a journey of becoming  future-ready urban farmers. Together we will "Transform our Cities into Food producing Ecosystems". 


We are an Innovative Social Enterprise utilising Agri-food, and Education Technology, for the purpose of scaling the impact of growing food in the city, for the benefit of our planet and our community. 

We measure our impacts in the best interest for our customers, our investors and stakeholders, our social beneficiaries and the planet. Farmwall's constitution has four main activities included in our social purpose. One, to educate about sustainable food production. Two, to create new job opportunities in urban agriculture for people that are experiencing a disadvantage. Three, to regenerate natural habitats by turning them into native, food-producing ecosystems. Four, to aid with increasing food security where needed most, both local and international. You can request to review our Theory of Change here. 


We are currently supporting Moving Feast Victoria, Women's Community Shelters, and The Good Samaritan Inn.


Sustainability and Regeneration

We take the responsibility for designing our offering with a closed-loop and circular economy in mind. In nature, there is no waste and everything gets re-used over and over again. We're in love with the ecosystem philosophy and we strive to only use natural, sustainable, compostable or re-usable materials in our offering. We choose an all natural approach to growing food and aim to augment value at each step of the cycle.

"We will finally learn how to work with nature rather than against it, we alone are able to to imagine the future"

- David Attenborough -


We have lost our connection with our food and where it comes from and our wellbeing and that of the planet is taking a hit as a result. Now more than ever we need to nurture ourselves and the world around us, get involved in the community and take time for self care. 

In Australia 1 in 4 kids are obese and another 1 in 4 does not know where their food is coming from. 83% of Australians are disconnected with Agriculture and do not know where or how their food has been produced. When it comes to diet, 94% of children and 92% of adults are not eating the recommended dose of vegetables. 

Learning how to grow your own food is a life-long skill, not bound by age or background. Knowing how to grow our own food benefits us all and our food has the ability to increase our wellbeing and that of the planet. We measure our impact according to the SDG and ESG indicators, and we have integrated the 2030 global goals into our educational programs. We aim to complete our B-Corp Certification in 2021


Our People

We're a purpose driven team, committed to deliver a positive impact through innovation, collaboration and education. We strive for models that benefit our customer and our community and we take responsibility for our planet. We do what we can with what we have, with honesty, authenticity and integrity and we celebrate the wins and have fun along the way!

We are looking to expand our team with volunteers both in Melbourne and Sydney. If you are interested in getting involved and believe your skills can add value to what we do, we'd love to hear from you! Give us a shout at