Cities That Feed Our Planet

Farmwall is growing and we are looking for co-founders!

Farmwall was established in 2016 with a big vision to transform our cities into food producing ecosystems. We are seeing ourselves living in sustainable cities that have the potential to feed our planet and the people in them.  Inspired by up and coming vertical farm, and by the desire to  grow food naturally and without waste, we developed our Farmwalls.

Farmwalls are sustainable, aquaponic vertical farms, for restaurants, offices, schools and even our homes. Being the first in the market in 2017 we had the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and value discovery and inspire an industry which is now ready to take off. 

We see a Farmwall in every office, school, restaurant and home, to educate us, and to help us increase our food security, our wellbeing, and our resilience by making us more self sufficient and skilled. Farmwalls are design to connect us to nature and our community. 

We are ready to conquer the world we are growing our team, we're looking for energised and talented co-founders who the will help drive us forward and join the next chapter of our journey.  

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