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As climate change induced issues such as food security and biodiversity loss become more prevalent for your students, we have the unique opportunity to empower and prepare them for a more sustainable future. At Farmwall, we passionately combine STEM learning principles with food systems knowledge to motivate students to be thrilled about their future on this planet and beyond.
By participating in one of Farmwall's school programs, you are helping promote a future where sustainable food production, innovative technology, social entrepreneurship and circular economy models can thrive in our society, creating a range of career opportunites, and improved wellbeing outcomes for students, teachers and communities.  

In the classroom, choose between our term-long Future Food Farmers program or a range of 1 hour incursions.

Future Food Farmers program 

A term-long program where your students become urban farmers, in their own classroom! This program has been designed to empower Year 9 students with a project based learning experience, where they will gain practical skills and understanding of the future of food and Agri-Tech. In addition students are learning about biodiversity, circular economies, design and industry career opportunities.
Students will enhance their leadership skills, by choosing roles to collaboratively take care of their very own Farmwall ecosystem.

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The Future Food Farmers program includes 10 lesson plans, 3 incursions, 1 Farmwall hydroponic + aquaponic system and a storage cabinet for your classroom! This is fully installed and removed by our team, with all the fish and growing material required included in the price of the program.

Students will learn multiple urban farming techniques, enabling them to grow and harvest approximately 350 grams of superfood microgreens each week! That's a serving of microgreens for 25 students to add to their lunch each day! 

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Additional Incursions

Have Farmwall visit your school and join the movement to help rewild the planet! Our hands-on incursions modules are:

1. Biodiversity, seed bomb making 
2. Growing microgreens in space
3. Circular economy through the lens of food
4. How to build a social enterprise

Each incursion focuses on sustainability and agriculture, engaging your students in the future of food. Our programs suit any year level and each incursion is flexible to reach a wide range of curriculum touchpoints. Each incursion has travel, and all materials included and is delivered by 2 Farmwall facilitators. 

Seed Bombs & Sustainability: Biodiversity incursion
Biodiversity is vital for a healthy planet - for the future of food and life. This incursion helps students explore ecosystems and the importance of biodiversity through a hands-on seed bomb making activity, visuals, and discussion. Seed bombs are made from clay, recycled coffee grounds, a soil mixture and native seeds allowing students to plant native wildflower seeds anywhere. 

This incursion is the most suitable for a wide range of age groups. See below for potential guiding questions: 
F-Y2: What basic needs does a plant require to grow? How will our seedbombs affect the local environment and our health?
Y3-Y6: What does biodiversity mean? How is mental health, wellness, and nutrition impacted by increased biodiversity?
Y7-Y10: What happens to one part of an ecosystem when other elements are removed or changed? How can we use maps to illustrate biodiversity in our local community?

Pricing Structure

Farmwall operates on a complete circular economy business model.
As part of our service, all equipment and required materials are delivered, picked up and re-used, including the fish who return to their friends at the end of each term, this way we take all the hassle out for the students and teachers, not leaving a foot print behind.
We are a registered social enterprise and make sure that after every incursions the students help us choose a cause to donate towards. 

Future Food Farmers
(inclusive of GST, travel and material cost) 

(inclusive of GST, travel and material cost) 

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In the media: "No sun, no soil, and robot farmers: Is this tomorrow’s food crop?"

"Hendrix says it’s the very ease and speed of growing microgreens that makes them such a powerful educational tool. “I see them as a gateway to help people become full-spectrum farmers in the future.” He expects that, over the next 10 years, big shifts in agricultural processes will create new opportunities for farming, and he wants to inspire young people to take advantage of them."

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