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Ecosystem by Farmwall

An online community dedicated to growing sustainable and secure food futures

Social media can be overwhelming. A constant barrage of news, updates and content, from the biggest stories in politics and world news, to the daily lives of your family and friends. Imagine a space away from the drama of Facebook and Twitter where you can learn new ideas and skills, while connecting with like-minded people from across Australia and the world!

Welcome to Ecosystem by Farmwall. Hosted by the platform building tool Mighty Networks, this is your one-stop shop for ideas and community around urban agriculture and sustainability. Here you can find courses that will teach you how to grow microgreens in your home and practice the circular economy in your own life; groups of people undertaking these projects together and discussing their progress and learning; and support from the Urban Farmers at Farmwall, who are ready and willing to answer your questions and guide you through your sustainability journey!  

How to join Ecosystem by Farmwall:

Head to, and click the 'Join' button! You'll just need to enter your name and email address, and upload a profile picture if you'd like! You can also sign up with a linked account like Google or Facebook if that's easier for you. 

Now that you're in, it's time to start exploring everything Ecosystem by Farmwall has to offer! We have a ton of videos and resources about all kinds of aspects of aquaponics, microgreens and sustainability for you to check out, as well as groups based around interests, professions and programs. We'd also love to hear your feedback about what we're missing, or how we can improve! If there's anything you'd love to see in Ecosystem, please let us know and we'll get working on it.

For the full experience, make sure you also download the Mighty Networks app for your phone and/or tablet! The app is available for both Android and iOS. It should be pretty easy to find in whichever app store you use, but if you have any trouble please don't hesitate to let us know.

Why Ecosystem?

“There is a deep interconnectedness of all life on earth, from the tiniest organisms, to the largest ecosystems, and absolutely between each person.”                                                                                                                                                                   - Bryant McGill

We chose the name Ecosystem for our platform, not only because the goal of our work is a more sustainable food system which preserves the natural world, but because we draw inspiration from the functioning of real world ecosystems for how human communities can function. While Tennyson claimed that nature was "red in tooth and claw," in reality modern science suggests that life functions as much through cooperation as competition, and it is these aspects of ecosystems that we aim to emulate in our work towards sustainable urban agriculture. 

From birds that remove ticks from the skin of large mammals, to networks of fungi linking trees together into the 'wood wide web,' nature functions through exchange and communication. The work to build a circular economy and sustainable human society  cannot be a competitive endeavour - we need to be working together, across organisations, across sectors, across borders of all kinds. We envision Ecosystem by Farmwall as a platform that can facilitate this kind of cooperation - participants with different experiences and different knowledges can come together to share and grow . We can build a movement of people who care deeply about creating a secure and sustainable food system, to ensure a future in which all living things can thrive, by working together as a community - as an Ecosystem.