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The Farmwall Foundation is the not for profit initiative of Farmwall, designed to return our profits to meaningful causes which achieve long term benefits to the community. The Foundation aims to educate in sustainable food production, promote projects designed by and for young people, create jobs and opportunities in urban agriculture for disadvantaged groups, regenerate habitats, rebuild ecosystems, and increase food security locally.


By participating in the Farmwall Foundation, you are helping promote a future where sustainable food production, innovative technology, social entrepreneurship and circular economy models can thrive in our society. The impact of the foundation includes creating a range of career opportunities and improved wellbeing outcomes for people who typically experience barriers to finding new social connections and career paths. Through removing these barriers we can improve sustainability, food security, regeneration and environmental outcomes. 

Projects and Programs

Food Relief Project 

Cultivating Community grow food in the Farmwall community garden, indoor grow room and greenhouse to increase production for food relief programs as part of a collection of social enterprises called Moving Feast. Production has increased significantly throughout 2021 thanks to collaborative knowledge and resource sharing between Farmwall and Cultivating Community.

"It's been a really incredible collaboration and something we at Cultivating Community are really proud of."

- Cerys ap Rees, Cultivating Community Urban Farmer

The Carbon Project

The Carbon Project is a concept to engage and empower corporates, high school and university students to connect with farmers and each other. The project is a way for Farmwall to help build a connection between farmers and the community, while helping to regenerate degraded areas, increase biodiversity and measure sequestered carbon. Farmwall will connect with Farmers and land-owners in a transaction to help regenerate a degraded area on their land to attract wildlife and improve the biodiversity of the farm. Farmwall urban farmers will use their horticultural knowledge to design a plan to reintroduce native vegetation to an area of the farm at a fraction of the cost of a commercial gardening or landscape company. 



Have a Farmwall Urban Farmer visit your school. Our dynamic workshops cover the future of urban farming and career paths possible within the industry, using the personal examples of Farmwall staff members and the diverse backgrounds that led them to urban farming and agriculture. In-person incursions are available for schools within a 30km distance from the Melbourne or Sydney CBD. Delivery can also be delivered digitally for remote schools.


Farmwall's experiential space provides a chance for students to use innovative technology first hand. The day focuses on agricultural technology, climate change, social entrepreneurship, the circular economy and regenerative agriculture. Students will be split into groups, and get hands on experience in urban agriculture and microgreen growing. Farmwall's Urban Farm and Agritech Experience Centre are based at Melbourne Innovation Centre in Alphington VIC, just a short 1 minute walk from Alphington train station.

Work Experience

Our work experience offerings provide an opportunity for young people to dip a toe into sustainable ag-tech jobs of the future, whilst being surrounded by a supportive and purposeful environment.  Farmwall staff come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds before entering urban farming and have a wealth of experiences and knowledge to support a young person exploring their future work opportunities. 

Corporate Volunteering

 Farmwall Foundation projects can be implemented at a lower cost and with wider-reaching social outcomes with the help of corporate volunteers. Beneficiaries of the projects will be able to scale to suit their land size or project goals with a more comprehensive strategy with the help provided by corporate volunteers. In turn, volunteers will have access to interesting programs, increasing the opportunity for networking and connection with people from different companies and teams.  

Student Volunteering

Farmwall’s urban farmers, project managers and communications leaders have supported student placements for horticulture, agriculture, communications and engineering students, contributing significantly to their learning and professional development. The Foundation aims to engage students and young professionals who may typically be unable to complete traditional internships due to economic, social, geographic or accessibility barriers.


University students are often required to complete internship placements as part of their undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The foundation offers meaningful internship opportunities, providing valuable learning opportunities and a window into future career possibilities. Combining Internships with corporate volunteering programs facilitates knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. 

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