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Pea shoot kit

Equipment you will need 

- pestle and mortar if you don't have this you can do it in a food processor
- knife
- good attitude


- cornichons 40 about 8
- capers 20g or 2 tbls
- vinegar ( create your own journey on this) 30ml
- extra virgin olive oil 150ml
- salt to taste
- pepper to taste
- dijon mustard 30g 1 tbls
- garlic 1 clove
- snow pea shoots 80g


- First, you want to harvest your pea shoots and give them a chop
- Rough chop cornichons
- Place the garlic capers and a pinch of salt in the pestle and mortar and give it a good crushing. (salt is perfect here, and it helps to break down the garlic)
- Add mustard
- Mix until you have a nice paste
- add the cornichons mix
- splash of vinegar
- snow peas and a little mix
- then slowly add the oil
- you can take this as far as you want, but I like this a little chunky as it will work really well with the second recipe we are going to do.
- Finally fix the seasoning. Add more salt, pepper, vinegar to your taste.This should last about two weeks in the fridge