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How do we work
with the hospitality industry?

We want to connect the hospitality industry & local communities with the future of food. Leasing a Farmwall at your cafe, restaurant or cafeteria means harvesting high yeilds of quality produce direct to plate. With food miles reduced to metres, you can provide your customers with local microgreens that have been nurtured in our circular & vertical aquaponics system. 

Our Farmwalls offer a great way for staff to connect directly with customers & enhance engagement in your food space. The vertical nature of our Farmwall Units are designed to maximise engagement for all ages and encourages a loyal customer base. We also offer unique experiences for food-centred/catering events, just let us know what you're after. 

Farmwall Hospitality Ceres

Photo Credit: Sarah Menegon, 2023

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Our Hospitality Offerings

Farmwall Porgies Melbourne

Hopsitality Farmwall Package

Our Hospitality Farmwall Package includes a lease of our Farmwall unit/s, regular maintenance & microgreen top-ups. This is our all inclusive package that ensures your Chefs get the best quality microgreens & high yeilds daily. The microgreens are nurtured by our aquaponics system until they're ready to be harvested.

Hosting a Farmwall unit within your hospitality business is a fantastic way of increasing community engagement between your staff and customers. These units are designed to inspire and intrigue, but also produce tasty, highly nutrious food.

We start inquiries with a onsite consultation to best assess your site and answer your questions indepth. We are always open to customisation of our services, so if you have something particular in mind, don't hesitate to ask.

Farmwall Porgies Melbourne

Events & One-off Experiences

We love food experiences. Our event and one-off experience offerings often include the use of our Pocket Farmwall unit. This is a compact way to showcase our microgreens. However, we understand each event is unique. Our services are felxible and we are open to customisation.

We are also open to working with Chefs, kitchen staff and event partners to get the best experience possible for recipents. This helps create indepth engagement in the event. Inquire with us to start planning your engagement-rich event or if you have any questions.