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Bring a Farmwall to your hotel, restaurant or café

Serve your customers fresh, nutritious microgreens, grown within reaching distance 

Circular Economy and Zero-Waste Practices in the Hospitality Sector

As workers and customers alike become more conscious of and concerned about issues of sustainability, it is vital for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to the environment by constantly pursuing and innovating best-practice models. Farmwall can help your restaurant, hotel or other business engage with the movement to keep the planet healthy and thriving, while also creating a beautiful indoor space helping to enhance health and wellbeing for your employees and patrons!

'Circular economy' is the idea of ensuring that economic activities can remain sustainable into the future, by reusing, recycling and refurbishing what were previously treated as consumable inputs. Rather than a 'cradle-to-grave' model, in which resources are created, used and then disposed, circular economy treats resources in a 'cradle-to-cradle' manner - finding other uses for materials that have reached the end of their traditional lifecycles. The hospitality industry is one which traditionally generates a significant amount of waste - particularly food waste, but also packaging from shipping ingredients, takeout containers, etc. This also gives the sector great potential to lead the way on fixing these issues. With a Farmwall in your business, microgreens and leafy vegetables can be picked fresh in the venue when they are needed - no travel, no packaging, and no food waste. On top of this, there is no loss of flavour and nutrition, as often occurs when vegetables are shipped great distances in cold storage. 

Farmwall at lyf Collingwood

The recent installation of a Farmwall at lyf Collingwood - the new coliving hotel in Melbourne's inner north-east - is an exciting public demonstration of sustainable growing! It is a space where guests can grow their own microgreens, or simply harvest some for their dinner. Microgreens are grown in reusable pots with compostable hemp cubes, or in reusable plastic trays - a zero-waste loop, requiring only fish food and producing only tasty vegetables. 

The hands-on experience of producing their own food in a zero-waste growing environment can introduce new people to the benefits of urban farming for health, wellbeing and sustainability. To deepen the impacts of the system, there is also a dedicated lyf Hotel group on our digital platform, Ecosystem by Farmwall, which provides access to a community of growers, and a variety of resources and lessons. Contact us today to learn how your venue could also benefit from a Farmwall growing system!

Join the growing list of businesses which have collaborated with Farmwall!

Benefits of a Farmwall

  • Freshest possible microgreens at an economical price
  • Massive variety and choice available
  • Increases nutritional value of menu items
  • No waste generated - each tray of microgreens produced with Farmwall saves 3.2kg of waste from landfill!
  • Collaboration with a certified Social Enterprise - demonstrates a commitment to ethical action valued by customers and staff
  • Reduced carbon footprint - no travel for ingredients to get to your venue!
  • Improve staff wellbeing and up-skill opportunities
  • Increased customer engagement - people are increasingly interested in knowing their food is sustainably and ethically produced, and the presence of a Farmwall in your venue allows them to see and interact with your commitment to these goals!
  • Amplified presentation of menu items 

Easy to install

Farmwalls are designed for easy installation and maintenance, only needing a single standard powerpoint and a 1 meter wall-space away from direct sunlight. 

High growth yield

A single Farmwall produces 12 trays of microgreens per week, equivalent to 224 punnets. This translates to an estimated cost saving of $1589 per year. 

Low Maintenance

For optimal system performance, maintenance takes around 45 min twice weekly. The Farmwall is safe and easy to control via the app.