Cities That Feed Our Planet

Our Impact

Towards a regenerative and inclusive food system by 2030

By participating in Farmwall's school program, you are helping promote a future where sustainable food production, innovative technology, social entrepreneurship and circular economy models can thrive in our society, creating a range of career opportunities, and improving wellbeing outcomes for students, teachers and communities. At Farmwall, we are excited for you to embark on this journey to educate and empower students and teachers to make a difference. Our program centres the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring we are responding to and promoting this global call to action - contributing to the solutions the world needs to achieve peace, prosperity and sustainability by 2030. Below are a few of the Goals we target, and the ways in which they are advanced by Farmwall's school program.

Improved wellbeing outcomes from; increased vegetable intake, increased connection to nature, increased fun and joy, increased community connection and sense of purpose.

Improved learning outcomes from; increased project based learning, increased engagement from creative learners, increased interest to pursue an area of interest and in the curriculum. 

Improved cities due to; increased greenery in classrooms, increased greenery at schools, increased environmental behaviours, increased food grown in cities, increased use of technology. 

Improved sustainable actions; increased knowledge about closed loop design, reduction of food waste, reduction of material waste, increased recycling.  

Improved resilience, increased sense of excitement for the future, decreased climate anxiety, increased skills and self-sufficiency, increased knowledge of agriculture. 

Improved work opportunities; increased understanding of new career possibilities, increase sense of self worth, increased sense of potential and paths to finding a purpose.