Cities That Feed Our Planet

Bring a Farmwall to Your Workplace

to promote wellbeing and sustainability 

During two years of working from home, many of us have become disconnected from our workplaces and from each other. There is now a greater gap between employers and employees, leading to increased dissatisfaction and the risk of losing talent. Particularly as organisations look to transition back into the office, employers will need to understand the benefits people experienced working at home, and provide facilities and experiences that motivate employees to attend the office in-person. 

The Farmwall corporate program can contribute to this effort. Many people enjoyed the experience of being able to interact with pets and gardens throughout their workday during WFH, and bringing fish and plants into office spaces can replicate this. A Farmwall is an indoor vertical farm that cultivates nutritious microgreens and leafy greens using aquaponics, via a closed-loop ecosystem utilising the natural relationship between fish and plants. It is aesthetically designed to easily fit into every office and interior. A beautiful, living and edible green wall and a statement for your workplace. Particularly incorporated into wellbeing nooks or rooms, our program can provide employees with a place to step outside of their stressful workday, to recharge and ground themselves. More details on the health and wellbeing benefits of nature and the program can be found below.

Implementing a Farmwall program in the workplace also reconnects employees and employers through meaningful team-building activities around food. Food is our common ground, and it offers us an opportunity to collaborate in making a positive difference for our own wellbeing and that of the planet. Many people are concerned about sustainability, and the future we are creating. Interacting with the Farmwall, they can learn about many of the potential solutions being implemented, from regenerative agriculture to circular economies, Growing and cooking together can also contribute to respect and harmony at work, by giving people a space to express their food cultures and identities. 

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are the vegetables we know and love, picked in a very early stage of their growth when they are still packed with concentrated nutrients - in fact, research shows that microgreens are up to 40x more nutritious than their fully grown counterparts! They are the perfect garnish to increase nutritional intake and promote healthy eating.

What Kind of Vegetables Can You Grow At Work?

  • Snow pea shoots
  • Purple radish
  • Purple kale
  • Red cabbage
  • Clover
  • Sprouting broccoli

What Will You Be Doing?

Employees are sent a zero-waste pack of growing materials for their desk. They learn how to grow their own microgreens during an interactive webinar and online short course on our platform, Ecosystem. On Ecosystem they can also ask for help, attend events and share their wins and losses with their peers and colleagues. 

Trays of microgreens are germinated at the employee's desk. After sprouting, they can be taken into the Farmwall to receive light and natural nutrients. After 5-7 days they are ready for harvest. 

The Farmwall produces a maximum of 12 trays, or 240 serves of greens per week. These can easily be added to lunch, snacked on at the desk or taken home for dinner. Through the Farmwall Microgreen Challenge, we encourage each employee to build a habit of consuming one serve per day, to improve both physical and mental health. 

Wellbeing at Work

According to Forbes, "an overwhelming majority (87%) of workers would like their current employer to offer healthier workspace benefits, with options [such as] wellness rooms [and] healthy lunch options;" and "93% of workers in the tech industry said they would stay longer at a company who" offered these sorts of benefits. 

Connecting with nature and plants has proven outcomes in this area. Biophilia - an innate connection to and love for the natural world - is a concept utilised in fields from health to construction and design, incorporating natural elements into spaces and practices. Studies have shown exciting results, with the inclusion of these elements leading to increased productivity, decreased stress and absenteeism, and even improved physical health. Find out more about how the Farmwall can contribute to wellbeing in your workplace here.

Increased Net Promotor Scores

Bringing food and urban farming into the office, and the home office, is a proven way to engage your teams with an exciting and educational experience. 

According to LinkedIn, 96% of talent professionals say employee experience is becoming more important. Farmwall has successfully increased the NPS scores of our corporate customers to up to 72. Involvement in sustainability, the community and the environment are key accelerators in achieving these fast and impactful results. 

Attracting and Keeping Talent

Four out of five young people in Gen Z believe we urgently need to make food consumption more sustainable, while two in three believe that our existing agri-food systems are destroying the planet. Meaningful work and work with purpose are becoming more important than money for the younger generations. Learning how to grow food regeneratively at the office and in the community is a great way to provide additional benefits, while empowering them to use food as a force for good. 

Upfront Investment

  • Installation of the Farmwall (bump in and out) - $1,350.00   
  • Activation and Growing Pack - $55.00 PP
  • Impact Assessment and Consultation - $2,500.00 (optional)
  • Marketing & HR; Internal Campaign - $3,500.00 (optional)
  • Customised Online Community set up cost - $1,200.00 (optional)

Monthly Subscription

  • Farmwall Rental Fee - $350.00
  • Weekly Facilitation and Maintenance Visit - $1,250.00
  • Additional seeds and materials - $195.00 (when required)
  • Online community access and maintenance - $10.00 PP 
  • Marketing Content; Impact Report - $950.00 (optional)

Still on the Fence?

If you need help deciding whether your workplace is prepared to commit to the full Farmwall experience, we also offer a smaller version of the program. These include materials for employees to grow microgreens at their desk, and an Ecosystem log in. 

These kits allow your employees to experience the benefits to their wellbeing of the larger program, as they experience the mindful joy of watching food grow - seeds turning to superfood. They are also a great introduction to issues of sustainability and food security.  

In addition to acting as a pilot program, this option is great for smaller businesses which may not have the space or funds to install a full-scale Farmwall; for exclusively WFH organisations or departments, as it allows your employees to engage in the meditative practice of urban farming in their own homes; or for a special event, such as RUOK Day or Employee Appreciation Day.