Cities That Feed Our Planet

Don't get left behind in ESG

Bring tangible sustainability into the company culture, by promoting locally grown produce.
An easy, cost-effective and all-inclusive way to lead by example, growing a community that cares about a food system which makes sense. Collectively learning new skills on how to be more resilient and self-sufficient, by growing your own fresh food, as local as at the office, brings everyone to the table to share meals, stories, and dreams.

Bring your teams back to the office with a smile

A bottom up ESG approach, to incorporate sustainability into the day to day lives of employees. Taking shared ownership and responsibility towards a more local food system and increase connectivity with our local schools and communities. Growing a common desire and a yearn to learn, learn about what makes our urban food security tick. 

Farmwall enncourages people to come into the office - Produce, workshops, opportunities to learn, to grow , and to participate in urban agriculture. 

Walk the beanstalk 

Take advantage of the opportunity that urban agriculture provides. Growing food as local as in your office not only helps to reduce plastic waste, it cleans the air, and reduces traffic to super markets for daily fresh food requirements.

ESG starts with your employee and the impacts of positive behaviour change at the office, at their homes and in their communities has an important and measurable impact on your company's targets towards Net Positive. We have the tools to bring it to life.

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