Cities That Feed Our Planet

Be at the forefront of the circular economy with Farmwall 

As people are becoming more conscious of and concerned about issues of sustainability, it is vital for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

Farmwall can help your cafe, restaurant, hotel or other venue engage with the movement to keep the planet healthy and thriving, while also creating a beautiful indoor space - helping to enhance health and wellbeing for your employees and customers.

A Farmwall is a biodiverse ecosystem that grows food, inside your venue.

A Farmwall nurtures the symbiotic relationship between edible plants, healthy bacteria and fish, in a beautifully designed framework. A Farmwall is inspired by aquaponics rather than hydroponics and increases its biological resilience over time with its indoor and carnivorous plants, and our bio-organic fertiliser brewed from insect frass. A by-product from processing food waste with soldier flies.

A natural ecosystem that will grow on you and increase your customers' connectivity with your food. A Farmwall builds an ecosystem in your venue by bringing your chef out of the kitchen sparking conversation and storytelling about how we can take more actions towards a more regenerative and just food system.

The curious fish, snails and algae eating catfish are a drawcard for staff and families visiting your venue that will hook them with a pleasant memory and another reason to tell their friends about their experience.

Premium, local and sustainable produce. 

To deliver the best possible produce at all stages of growth to your venue, we have proudly partnered with April Sun Farms. Their scalable high-tech farm in Thornbury Victoria is highly efficient and uses 95% less inputs than traditional farming, with a reliable and consistent yield, and availability year round. 

Available microgreens in 50 mm pots 

Lemon Balm

Purple Basil


Red V Sorrel


Sweet Basil

Red Shiso

Thai Basil 

Green Shiso







Red Radish 

Available microgreens in 280 x 300 mm trays




Snow Pea


Red Cabbage

Red Mizuna

Green Mizuna 

Additional edible flowers and oyster mushrooms by the punnet 

Viola Mix




Grey Oyster

Pink Oyster

Elm Oyster

Brown Oyster

A flexible and easy subscription model that works with your needs. 

We understand that your microgreen and fresh produce needs will be different every week. You can change your weekly order when required in 30 pot increments, or even hold-off for a week when you need to.

Up-frontEducationMaintenance/wPots/w or Trays/wMonthly
$1,350Free130 ($3.0/P)3 ($30/T)$660
$1,300Free160 ($2.5/P)6 ($25/T)$880
$1,250Free290 ($2.3/P)9 ($23/T)$1,088
$1,200Free2120 ($2.0/P)12 ($20/T)$1,160

*Pricing is including of GST and exlcudes punnets of edible flowers and oyster mushrooms.
*Up-front fee is waived when an up-front payment of 6*monthly subscription is made.

Terms and conditions

The contract has a minimum commitment of 3 months and the up-front cost includes installation and removal of the Farmwall, 120 pots of microgreens, or 12 trays on installation to get you started. Each Farmwall remains in ownership of Farmwall Pty Ltd. No self grown herbs or herbs of other suppliers are allowed in the Farmwall during its stay. Additional maintenance costs apply for outer-metro.

Specs and dimensions

A Farmwall is 1000 mm wide, 440 mm deep and 2200 mm tall and requires 1 standard 240V powerpoint, and is preferably installed on a tiled, concreted or wooden floor and weighs nearly 500kg when operational. Allow 3 hours for installation and removal by the Farmwall team. Farmwalls use the equivalent of a household frigde in energy. Our urban farmers need easy access to a tap and sink.

Look and feel

A Farmwall is available in 2 color variations; Surfmist White and Charcoal Black. We can create a more personalised design and story telling for an additional $950 (which will be included in your up-front cost).  A customised powdercoat is possible at an additional $1,100 and a one year commitment. The Farwalls come with magnetic herb labels and all hardware is warranted by Farmwall.

Closing the loop together

To help reduce your impacts on the environment we are collaborating with our   neighbour, Reground. Their re-purposed coffee grounds, together with the re-purposed growing medium from your Farmwall, are being turned back into a carbon and nitrate-rich soil. This feeds back into urban farms across the city. One of them is our way-finding, circular urban farm that is under construction in Alphington. 

Trusted by industry 

We are proud collaborators in the local and urban food community