Cities That Feed Our Planet

Promoting Wellbeing and Engagement at Work

with biophilia and urban farming 

Increasingly, organisations are recognising the importance of prioritising employee wellbeing, both to create a healthy and positive working environment and for the success of the business. Studies have shown that satisfaction at work and general wellbeing is strongly correlated with an increase in productivity and profit, and Forbes notes that "employee well-being is predicted to have the greatest impact on the workplace of the future." Employees expect a workplace to recognise their importance as individuals, and provide an environment and culture that supports and values them. 

Particularly, it is undeniable that the last few years have been very difficult for many people around the world. With ongoing stress and uncertainty around COVID-19, international conflicts and climate change, it is vital that companies emphasise and invest in solutions which support the health and wellbeing of their workers. 

An important element of this, especially as people transition from WFH back into the office, is providing an environment that is pleasant, healthy and appealing. Biophilia - a theory which suggests that humans feel a sense of connection with other living things, and our wellbeing is supported by connections with nature - is often utilised to create beautiful and positive workplaces. 

This includes factors such as natural light ("found to boost productivity, increase Vitamin D absorption, and ward off seasonal depression"), and foliage, which "studies found... [reduce] mental fatigue and [boost] productivity." 

Our program is designed to create spaces of calm and wellbeing in the office, where employees can step outside their stressful work day to engage with nature. The Farmwall supports both employees' microgreens and beautiful indoor plants like pothos and philodendron. The professionally aquascaped tank, stocked with a variety of sub-tropical fish, completes the beautiful and meditative installation. 

Active involvement in the growing process particularly contributes to employee wellbeing. From our experience, engaging teams with food and urban farming for 30 minutes each day can decrease stress levels by 46%, leading to increased productivity and mindfulness. Consuming the vegetables we grow improves nutrition, leading to better immunity and resilience. Participation in the Farmwall program also contributes to team cohesion and familiarity, as employees work together to grow their own food and learn about sustainability. 

Furthermore, the Farmwall program expands the benefits of urban farming beyond the firm itself. Employees are encouraged to involve their families with the Microgreen Challenge, taking their harvest home to include in meals and nourish the people around them.  Each Farmwall can produce up to 240 serves of greens per week, so there's plenty to go around!

Urban farming activations can also provide a great space to hold events and engage the community. Raising awareness about sustainability and food security, as well as demonstrating your organisations' commitment to innovative employee wellbeing programs, will build your profile and goodwill with potential customers, employees and investors. Feeling a part of their broader community, and knowing they are contributing to a sustainable future in a variety of ways, will further contribute to employee wellbeing. We are excited to help you build a multi-faceted approach to wellbeing and engagement at your organisation - get in touch to find out more!