Cities That Feed Our Planet

Farmwall exists to create a healthy, educated and connected community of Australians, empowered to take action towards a regenerative food system.

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At Farmwall we believe our cities can stop eating our planet and start feeding it. We are an impact focussed climate-tech startup and a social enterprise that is developing scalable solutions, educational products and programs to grow more food in our urban environments. We strive to close the loop and contribute towards growing a ciculur and regenerative food system.

We enable everyone to grow their own food, no matter who or where they are. We do this by supplying ag-tech (agricultural technology) products and educational resources to home growers, hospitality venues, corporate offices and schools.

ESG starts with your Employee

Our corporate programs improve wellbeing, team culture and engagement. We grow your office sustainability quotas and increase your Environmental, Social and Governance performance.

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Farmwall for Corporate Offices

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Discover the power of microgreens

We love them! Microgreens are small, delicious vegetables that can be grown easily and sustainably indoors - in classrooms, offices, restaurants and even your home. They are great for your wellbeing and can offer a wealth of opportunities to get involved in a regenerative food system.

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Our vision for cities of the future

School Incursions


Replacing Vending Machines with Healthy Fresh Produce in School Canteens

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Join us and become part of a city that feeds our planet.

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