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Our Approach

Farmwall’s purpose is to build resilient, adaptable and sustainable cities with individuals and organisations, through biophilic AgTech solutions and educational experiences. Our aim is to shift existing narratives around agriculture and food, inspire future-thinkers and support our cities to embody long-term sustainability.

Through our Farmwall Units, Ecosystems and educational opportunities, we provide highly nutritious food and urban farming experiences that promote circular frameworks, wellbeing and long-term sustainability. We work with corporate, school and hospitality sectors, and cater for one-off events. Additionally, we offer packaged sustainability-based products for corporate gifting and wholesale retail.

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What is a Farmwall™?

A Farmwall™ is a technologically advanced and designed vertical aquaponics farm which mimics a natural ecosystem. Our circulatory systems use nutrient-rich aquaculture water to  feed hydroponically grown plants hosted in the vertical farm. Focussing on smart-design and pleasing aesthetics, it is a well considered and durable piece of living furniture that can be hosted in a diverse range of indoor environments.

What Does A Farmwall™ Grow?

Each Farmwall™ can nurture and grow a variety of different plants, both edible and non edible. The edible plants that grow in our Farmwalls are microgreens and a great source of daily nutrition, whereas the non-edible plants are a tailored selection of indoor tropical plants. We can tailor the selection based on our collaboration and how you would like to use the Farmwall™.

What About The Fish?

Each Farmwall™ contains a calming aqua-scaped aquarium as part of its interconnected ecosystem. We use native species of fish where possible, and maintain the tank on a weekly basis to ensure the fish are happy. Just like us, fish have great personalities. They are a great point of engagement and social interaction throughout the day. 

Maintenance & Pest-Prevention

Alongside our smart monitoring technology, our urban farmers maintain the Farmwall units on a regular basis. This is to ensure they are running to the best of their ability and the plants are topped up, looking as lush as can be. In the rare case of pest-prevention, required repairs or other issues, we are on-call and close-by ready to help.

Corporate Gifting & Wholesale Retail

Our sustainability-based kits are great for corporate gifting & wholesale retail. They all come in recycled packaging, and each kit's contents can be reused, recycled or composted. Giving consciously is important to us, so we have designed 4 kits that explore and embrace diversity, urban farming and future thinking.

The Biodiversity, Microgreen and Future Thinker Kits have 1 hands-on activity that offers a chance to slow down and have fun whilst learning something new. Our Sustainability Kit boasts all 3 activities and is a one-stop shop for sustainability

Biodiversity Garden Haley Kigbo

Biodiversity Kit

Our Biodiversity Kit explores the importance of growing multiple species of plants in greenspaces. This is explored through a fun hands-on activity making 'biodiversity pods' that can be distributed throughout your garden or in pots. This kit will encourage your to slow down and help reset your workflow.

Microgreens Farmwall

Microgreen Kit

The Microgreen Kit champions what we grow in our Farmwalls - microgreens. This kit explores urban farming and the benefits of adding microgreens to your diet. It teaches you how to grow microgreens at home and highlights the importance of understanding where our food comes from.

Microgreens Farmwall

Future Thinker Kit

The Future Thinker Kit showcases how successful growing nutritious food can be in small spaces - an important element in the future of our food. This kit helps you grow a high-yield of snow pea shoots using a unique growing material. Upon the success of your harvest, enjoy the fresh, crisp taste of pea shoots in your meals.

Sustainability Kit 

Our popular Sustainability Kit includes all 3 sustainability-based activities from our Biodiversity, Microgreen and Future Think kits. This is a one-stop-shop to inspire and educate you with hands-on activities that keep on giving. These activities can be done on your own, with friends, colleges, housemates or with family.

Our Team

Geert Hendrix

CEO & Co-founder 

Indiana Rhind

CTO & Co-founder

Jeremy Taylor

Non-executive Director & Chair

Haley Kigbo

Communications & Marketing

Luke Barbuto

Urban Farmer & Facilitator