Cities That Feed Our Planet

Farmwall School Program 2022

Prepare your students for the future of food with this innovative, first of its kind program

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Who are we?

We exist to create a healthy, educated and connected community of Australians, empowered to take action towards a regenerative food system.

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What we do

At Farmwall we believe our cities can stop eating our planet and start feeding it.

We enable the possibility for everyone to grow their own food, no matter who they are or where they are. We do this by supplying ag-tech (agricultural technology) products and educational resources to home growers, hospitality venues, corporate offices and schools.

Our vision for cities of the future

If we can educate people about small-scale, closed-loop food systems and design our cities with food and nature in mind, it will make a huge difference to our personal wellbeing and to the planet.” Geert Hendrix, CEO and Founder.

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