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How do we work with schools?

We want to inspire your students to become future thinkers. At Farmwall we believe long-term sustainability is a key factor when transforming the future of food through education. As we strive towards a nourished planet, educated communities, and a regenerative food system, we believe schools have a fundamental part to play in the success of sustainable communities.

We utilise STEM principals (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to harness creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. This helps create an educational space to empower your students to build a resilient, sustainable future.

By participating in Farmwall’s customisable school programs and incursions, your school can help promote a world where sustainable food production, innovative technology, social entrepreneurship and circular economy models can thrive. Inturn, this helps shape improved wellbeing outcomes and career opportunities for students, teachers and communities.  

educational program & Incursions

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Education programs & Incursions

Our all-inclusive school offering is our Future Food Farmers Program. This includes a lease of our Farmwall Unit/s and unlocks a year-long program of our Educational Incursions. In addition, we offer a selection of term-long Educational Incursions and one-off events. These Educational Programs and Incursions can be adapted for both primary and secondary school aged students. We've designed them to fit into the science, food technology, agriculture and career advisor curriculum.

Pocket Farmwall at school

Future Food Farmers Program

A fully-immersive program tailored to empower students to become urban farmers and learn about biodiversity, circular economy, design & potential industry careers. This program incorporates the use of our Farmwall Units and offers a unique engagement opportunity for your students.

Biodiversity Pod making at school

Biodiversity Pods Incursion

A practical & sustainability-based incursion that helps students explore the importance of ecosystems and biodiversity through a hands-on seed pod making activity. They will make our popular Biodiversity Pods from scratch and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Microgreen pea sprouts at school

Microgreens in Space Incursion

Through the intriguing lens of growing food in space, this hands-on incursion has students seed their own microgreens, like what is being researched for growing in space. It shows how agriculture can play a part in innovative technologies as we battle climate change.

Farmwall unit at cafe Melbourne Porgies

Circular Economy Incursion

This incursion introduces the concept of the circular economy to achieve environmental sustainability. As a real-world case study, students will learn how Farmwall, and our partner organisation Reground, incorporate this theory into our daily business models.

Pocket Farmwall at school
Farmwall incursion at school
Farmwall incursion at school
Pocket Farmwall at school incursion
Microgreen pea sprouts at school
Microgreen selection from Farmwall unit
Farmwall incursion at school