Cities That Feed Our Planet

About us

We are an innovative social enterprise utilising agrifood and education technology to scale the impact of growing food in the city.

We design sustainable products, technologies and experiences which spark meaningful interactions with our food, and benefit people and the environment. By turning the experience of growing food into a rewarding endeavour we increase physical and mental wellbeing, while keeping things simple, natural and fun.


Transforming the future of food through education.


A nourished planet, educated communities, and regenerative food system by 2030.

Who we work with





Who We Are

Geert Hendrix

Farmwall Founder & CEO - VIC & NSW

Geert is a social entrepreneur, urban farmer and founder of Farmwall. He is the visionary driving force behind all operations and is passionate about using social enterprise to create positive social outcomes and make the world a better place. 

Hilary Dunn

Horticulturalist & Indigenous Plant Specialist - VIC

Hillary is a horticulturalist specialising in Australian native plants. She hosts regular events with Farmwall on edible Indigenous food plants you can grow yourself to improve biodiversity.

Patrick Wain

Urban Farmer & Project Manager

Patrick is a horticulturalist and former mechanical engineer. His growing specialty is indoor plants and indoor farming. When he's not taking care of his 200+ plants at home he's working at Farmwall to grow, propagate and share his horticultural knowledge with the Farmwall community.

Luke Barbuto

Urban Farmer & Education Coordinator - NSW

Luke will teach you how to seed and grow your microgreens so you can become an indoor farmer. Luke is most passionate about two things: growing food and brewing beer. When he isn’t dabbling in craft ales he takes care of Farmwall’s larger, industrial aquaponic systems scattered around Sydney.

Elliott Keen

Urban Farming & Education - VIC

Elliott is a horticulturalist and musician who is passionate about soil regeneration, urban food growing, education and climate action. Elliott is an instructor in the courses and has extensive knowledge about Farmwall technology, fish care, hydroponics and aquaponics.

Theory of Change

We measure our impact according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) indicators. 

We are a certified social enterprise and we are proud of our commitment to using business to create a fairer and more sustainable world.  

Our Partners