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Partnering with us means connecting your organisation to a thriving urban food system that builds resilient, healthy and self-sustaining cities. Investing in our services means creating an opportunity for your employees to engage with urban agriculture, wellbeing and sustainability.

Our Farmwalls and educational workshops can aid in productivity, workflow and encourage a positive office environment. The experiences we offer highlight the importance of circular ecosystems that grow nutritious food in an urban setting. Our fully-immersive and engagement-rich offerings will inspire your employees on a daily basis.

Farmwall at Work

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Workplace Offerings

Our all-inclusive workplace offering is our Farmwall Package. This includes a lease of our Farmwall Unit/s, regular maintenance & microgreen top ups, and unlocks a year-long program of our Educational Workshops. To cater for your organisation's needs, we start with an onsite consultation to best assess site needs and answer your questions in depth.

We also offer a selection of our Educational Workshops & Industry Panel Discussion for one-off occasions & events, and  offer Corporate Gifting throughout the year.  

Farmwall Package

Our all-inclusive package. Your organisation can lease our Farmwall units on a yearly contract, with a minimum of 6 months. Committing to a rolling year-long agreement unlocks our educational workshops, which incorporate the use of our Farmwalls. This ensures your employees get the most out of our offerings and allows for day-to-day engagement.  Our Farmwalls offer increased office productivity, greenification, and a steady stream of highly nutritious microgreens which can be harvested for personal meals at any time of the day.

Educational Workshops

Linked to our Farmwall Package and as one-off offerings, these Educational Workshops provide a unique experience for your employees all year round. They will learn about circular systems, urban farming, sustainability, how to incorporate wellbeing into their everyday day at work, and learn the benefits of future-thinking. The Farmwall Package incorporates the Farmwall as a tool in these workshops means that your employees can engage with agriculture technology on a daily basis.  

One-off Offerings

To get a taste for what we offer in our Farmwall Package, we offer a selection of our Educational Workshops on a one-off basis. We like to tailor these to your organisations/events, so let us know what you're after. In addition, we also offer an Industry Panel Discussion. This session pulls together industry representatives to talk about their work and how sustainability is a key factor in moving forward. If your event has a specific theme we can tailor the relevance of the discussion points. 

Corporate Gifting

We love that organisations want to give gifts with a conscious. Our Sustainability Kits are the perfect gift that keeps on giving. We have 4 kits to choose from: Microgreens Kit, Biodiversity Kit, Future-Thinker Kit & Sustainability Kit. Each kit includes a hands-on activity/activities that explores sustainability principles and offers the gift receiver a tangible way of growing food in an urban environment! We can cater for custom branding. Contact us to find out lead times.