Cities That Feed Our Planet

Farmwall's Resilience Growing;
a fun, holistic urban farming program
to get you excited about the future of food!  

September 9 until November the 13th, 2022. 

Learn to grow your own food in only 10 weeks!
If you are dreaming of a regenerative food system like we are,
and you want grow your own food sustainably
inside of your own home, and city, this is for you! 


Grow food resilience

Today, with rising food costs across the planet, part of being resilient means that we can grow a portion of our food ourselves, and that we have a better understanding of where our food comes from. 

Learn with friends

Have fun growing alongside fellow plant-lovers as you work in teams, play games, and learn to cultivate nutritious food for yourselves. 

Nurture community

A portion of the food you grow during the course will be donated to Cultivating Community, as you learn how urban farming can sequester carbon, improve food security, and enhance overall well-being.

Part 1: At home, in your own time!

You are receiving a beautifully designed Farmwall Home aquaponic and seedling production system that will teach you how to grow microgreens, herbs and seedlings, using aquaponics. This course is online and you can do it at your own pace and your own time. All materials and seeds are included and delivered to your doorstep. 

  • Growing microgreens and learning how to sprout
  • Introduction to aquaponics, aquaculture, and hydroponics 
  • Aquascaping and fish caring essentials, observe a growing ecosystem
  • Introduction to the circular economy and biophilic design  
  • Growing the perfect seedlings and herbs indoors
  • Learning about food security; UN's Sustainable Development Goals
  • STEM Learning tools included, to teach from home

Growing your own food has never been so much fun!

The Farmwall for your home produces sufficient microgreens and sprouts
for the whole family, adding daily fresh nutrition to all meals. 

Participants in VIC have the option to nurture 5 Barramundi fingerlings for 3 months!
After which they will return to Farmwall's aquaculture site to mature for harvest.  

Part 2: Urban farming with friends at Farmwall in Alphington

Join us in a collaborative team environment and enjoy your own indoor agtech farm, urban farm garden beds, and your own space in an urban greenhouse. State of the art equipment and growing materials are provided with support from amazing facilitators and urban farmers. Grow real food, collaborate, learn and have fun. 4 hours per week (on weekends).

  • Introduction and goal setting, OH&S
  • Microgreen farming and propagation 
  • Hydroponics and vertical farming 
  • Building soil and wicking beds 
  • Mushrooms, fungi culture & carbon sequestering  
  • Brewing organic fertilisers and teas, composting 
  • Up-cycling and growing food in the circular economy 
  • Aquaculture and animal husbandry, chook keeping 
  • Bush foods and biodiversity, Darebin Parklands tour 
  • Running a market stand - Giving back to food relief  

The course runs weekly for 4 hours with options to join your team for Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning.

As part of the course you will receive access to your garden bed at the farm through end of summer 2023!
All tools and required materials are provided.

Bring along a mask, warm clothing and boots, and your contribution to a pot luck lunch.
We're located right next to the train and bus station and there's plenty of parking around.
You'll receive a certificate of participation. 

$549, all inclusive

Join us now! 

Don't miss out on this very unique opportunity, spots are limited and we are only running one course this year! 

Join us for the full experience, or choose either part one (at home) or part two (at our urban farm) for half the price.

By combining both parts we will be able to give you the most holistic experience with the best learning outcomes and of course more food as well. We are keeping it as affordable as possible, the material value alone is worth the investment, the produce, the learnings and your network development are all extra bonuses!

Combine both parts and SAVE $193
Early Registration: $795 
Ends 15/08

We're in this together. We can grow together.
The future of food is exciting when we collaborate and build resilience by sharing knowledge, by co-designing useful technology, and by nurturing our community.  

The Online Community

You will be connected to all the participants via Farmwall's online platform and community, Ecosystem by Farmwall. During your course we are hosting a weekly webinar with guest speakers from across different urban food industries. You’ll have ongoing direct access to support from Farmwall's urban farmers. 

Join a growing community of over 400 urban farmers from all over Australia. 

Urban Food Community 

Farmwall is located at Melbourne Innovation Centre, where a new urban food system is developing. Our neighbours are Melbourne Farmers Market, Reground, Sporadical City Mushrooms, The Practical Beekeeper, The Melbourne Food Hub, Sustain, The Mushroomery, Outback Academy and La Sirene Brewing. 

Participating in this program can improve your feeling of connectivity and wellbeing, and you'll become part of the future urban food. 

You'll save money on food, have access to better produce, and feel more self sufficient, food secure and resilient. And potentially you'll make friends for life.

We are a Certified Social Enterprise. 50% of the profits of this course and 20% of the crops we grow during it will be donated to Cultivating Community to increase food relief and security in the broader community. .

We are a Founding Member of Climate Salad. Farmwall is a climate tech and agritech startup and we are looking for 2 co-founders to join on our journey of developing scalable climate solutions. Come and meet us!

We are obsessed with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and we measure our impacts via a framework of SDGs and ESG. They are embedded in what we do and referred to throughout our educational materials.  

We are looking for volunteers during the program, if that is you and you can commit at least 4 hours per week for 10 weeks we'd love to hear from you at