Cities That Feed Our Planet

ESG and Social Enterprise Procurement

Buying For Good

Farmwall is committed to doing good in all aspects of our business, and encouraging you to do the same. We are certified as a Social Enterprise with Social Traders, and your participation in our corporate program will help us further our broader mission to create a healthy, educated and connected community of Australians, empowered to take action towards a regenerative food system. Our Theory of Change has been developed with the help of EY consultants, and our measurement framework is directly aligned with Environmental, Social, and Governance indicators and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. At the start of the Farmwall program we will assess your organisation's measurement framework and desired outcomes, and provide you with monthly and annual reports on how your participation has contributed towards these goals.

Other Benefits

Alongside the obvious positives of supporting impact-driven organisations and contributing to the possibility of a sustainable future, engaging in social enterprise procurement can contribute positively to your operations in many ways. Social Traders notes a variety of benefits, including a supply chain more resilient to the issues we have seen over the past few years, as local providers are less likely to be impacted by issues with international shipping; and the fact that with many jobhunters prioritising ethical and purpose-driven work, a demonstrated dedication to procuring your materials and services from ethical organisations will help your firm attract and keep high-quality talent. 

They also remind us that "businesses that invest now in growing and showcasing their purpose, will create stronger brand [loyalty]," and with governments "increasingly looking for the private sector to partner with them in delivering positive social outcomes," "delivering social impact is now an important factor in winning contracts with Government."

If you are a business with a revenue lower than $50 million, the Farmwall experience can also now be claimed on tax, with a 20% tax deduction available for spending on team education.

Giving Back

The Farmwall Foundation is the not-for-profit initiative of Farmwall, designed to return our profits to meaningful causes which achieve long term benefits to the community.

The Foundation aims to educate people about sustainable food production, promote projects designed by and for young people, create jobs and opportunities in urban agriculture for disadvantaged groups, regenerate habitats, rebuild ecosystems, and increase food security locally.

We run a variety of programs through the Foundation, including a partnership with urban agriculture not-for-profit Cultivating Community; and the Carbon Project, a concept to engage and empower corporates partners, high school and university students to connect with farmers and each other while helping to regenerate degraded areas, increase biodiversity and measure sequestered carbon. You can learn more about the Foundation's work here.